Saturday, October 10, 2009

Some Observations

1) I pushed my power walk pace to 14:15 and my running pace to 11:30 without getting totally exhausted, and feel even better about the possibility of me not passing out during the marathon!

Dos) I met yet another person who has run a marathon (the one in Chicago). It's really encouraging to know that, even though a marathon is still a huge feat of strength and a major undertaking, regular people do it and survive!

C) I am beginning to see muscle definition in my chubby calves--hooray!

IV) I have been trying out different foods to eat before I run (since I don't usually like to eat before working out). I've done yogurt and granola and will soon be trying bananas with peanut butter.

Five) I love my running tights so much--they reduce jiggle like nobody's business.


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