Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Am Not Made of Iron, But I'm Still Awesome

Hello, gentle readers--I'm still alive, uninjured, and I haven't given up!

I am merely a busy (read: exhausted) bee, but I will honestly try to update more frequently (every other day at the minimum), so that I stay focused :) And plus, it's fun!

Anyway: My workouts have been going well lately. I am still unable to run the entire time, but I'm pretty consistent with power walk 3 minutes, jog/run 2 minutes. It seems that the first minute of running is always the hardest; after that, my lungs begin to adjust and it gets easier.

By the way (and bear with me because this sounds unrelated, but it is), in our apartment, we don't pay for cable, so we get the basic channels (ABC, NBC, etc). One of the channels we get--along with Telemundo!--is NBC Universal Sports, which often does replays of the Olympics, marathons, and more.

So tonight, after coming home from a very successful outing in Manhattan (I finally bought "Dirty Dancing"--score!), I sat down and turned on the telly. UniSports (as I shall call it--man, I am abusing parentheses tonight) was replaying the IronMan competition from Summer 2009 and--can I just say--WOW.

I mean, I know a marathon is intense (and therefore, yay me), but a marathon plus a 2.3 mile swim, plus 112 mile bike race? Holy muscle cramp, Batman. I got tired just reading that sentence. Blergh.

Being aware of how ridiculously tough IronMan is makes the marathon look easy-peasy! And hey, if you've never seen any clips of IronMan, here you go: Anything Is Possible.

Iron is an understatement: these people are made of GOLD (and maybe one day, I will be, too.)

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