Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tea Wisdom

So, I'm back to real food--and forever hesitant to try Colombian food again. Stupid bad cheese.

But, I'm feeling fabulous now, especially since I'm back on track with my "Get Healthy" plan. Here's another little tip I learned, and it's oh so simple and awesome: Feeling "hungry" but not actually hungry? Have a lovely mug of hot water! Ok, ok, you can make it tea--but seriously! The combination of water (you're usually thirsty rather than hungry) and heat (you'll take your time drinking it, thus giving your body the time to realize it's full) can do wonders for the system!

I'm trying to always have a cup of tea with my breakfast now, as it not only supports the "most important meal of the day," but it also fills me up for longer, giving me the energy to get through the first half of the day.

Plus, tea is delicious! And mine comes with positive phrases on the tag. Today's message:
"Be great, feel great, and act great."

Yes, yes, and yes.

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