Monday, May 10, 2010

Evil In Frozen Form

So, I went to the gym today, as part of my let's-get-healthy-and-don't-forget-you'll-be-living-on-a-lake-this-summer plan.

I had a great workout, pushed myself, felt awesome, blahblahblah--you get the point.

Exiting the gym, I turned the corner to begin my delightful, 10 minute walk home, and there it was: the white truck of doom.

The ice cream truck.

Now, mind you, I'm (obviously) not a super crazy health nut, I believe in moderation, and it's been lovely weather for a Good Humor bar and a stroll. However, I had just had this awesome workout, and didn't want to be tempted by a popsicle of lactose-y goodness.

Walking back to my apartment, of course, I passed a bazillion (Note: Not a real estimate) people walking with ice cream. Boo!

Almost home, I ducked into the nearby organic store and purchased some vegan udon noodles and an orange--I was going to be a good dobby!

I turned on to my street, proud of my healthy decisions, when I heard it...

Dee dee ding ding dumdedum ta da, dee dee dedum dee ding ding!

Alright, typing it out doesn't quite express the terror of it, but it was the Good Humor song--another (or perhaps the same?) ice cream truck was behind me! Curses!

I didn't change my stride, but merely laughed to myself about how I couldn't seem to avoid the frozen milk of terror. But, I stayed strong, and am currently enjoying my noodles.

I'll just have to start watching my back when I'm out in the neighborhood--I'm pretty sure the Good Humor man is out to get me...

Dee dee dedum dee ding ding!

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