Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hi There, Remember Me?

Once upon a time, a girl started a blog.

She was pretty good about updating it, but a few months in she had a (of many) quarter-life crisis. Yeah, it would totally be one of many... But, regardless! Then, just as she was super bummed out and searching for new jobs (shock!) in new cities (awe!) and considering going back to being a brunette (gasp!), things started to turn around.

Moral of the story, the First: Things get better.
Moral of the story, the Second: It helps to be prepared to mix things up.

I'm not sure if anyone still reads this, but whether or not they do, I'm going to start updating again. I recently obtained an awesome new day job and even more recently (read: three days ago) was offered a contract for a summer performance job! Today I went to the gym for the first time in months--yikes--and have revamped my eating habits. I am starting to love salads--wha?!

Don't worry, bacon's still my buddy, we're just in a long-distance relationship.

So, once again, I find myself starting over--and that's ok. I forgive myself for my slip ups, and that's important; you can't move forward until you let go of what's happened in the past.

It's a new day, and I'm on an awesome path :) And it certainly helps that I've got a ukulele and frozen yogurt to keep me going. Little victories.

I'm back!

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