Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing

I've returned from Thanksgiving break renewed! Save for the 50 gazillion pounds I gained.

Yes, I'm back in my city, ready to really force myself to get a-trainin' for this here marathon thing. It kind of helps that NBC's Universal Sports channel is starting to do all this promotional stuff for Vancouver and that gets me totally psyched to be in training for anything, really.

But, anyway. Back to Turkey Week: I had two chances to train with my sister amidst the cooking and eating and napping and eating and touristing and ohholycrapeatingsomuch.

Training with my sister was not easy. She is better at this than me, and slowed herself down considerably on my account. She pushed me much harder than I have pushed myself. She got pissed off and so did I. It's a very good thing that we've been training in different cities.

And there was no way to escape the flood of emotion and insecurity that rushed in as we jogged around the mall. This thing is still scary as all hell, and it is hard to pinpoint where the fear comes from, where it's based. I mean, I know it's hard work and exhausting but I know I can finish the marathon--so why so scared? I just don't know.

When I wasn't bugging the heck out of my sister, I did, however, get some good advice from her. She told me that I should switch over to non-cotton running gear, to avoid the inevitable chafing (yikes!), and should also invest in Body Glide, another anti-chafing product which is applied to areas of the body prone to blisters and rubbing (feet, for example).

I need all the help I can get during these last weeks of training. And it's scary as hell and emotional and I'm not quite sure how to deal with it except to just get up and keep going.


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