Tuesday, October 20, 2009

iPhone and iTired and iEat Trail Mix Oh My!

Well, gentle readers, I deliver my apologies. Yesterday I was supposed to give you a fun post that wasn't laced with professions of my exhaustion. Instead, you got no post at all!

Well, I aim to rectify this situation; the following blog entry will be explosively awesome!
It will at least have more than five sentences.

Lately, I have been stretching more intensely than I usually have. My muscles have been much more tense and sore (I'm sure a combination of increasing miles and colder weather), but I'm hoping that stretching and Advil will make the ugh-feelings go away.

Also, I downloaded a fantastic application for my iPhone a few weeks ago! I have mentioned MapMyRun before, but did you know that it has an application for iPhone? It does, and now I shall elaborate on it: MapMyRun for iPhone has GPS tracking, so you can chart your pace, average speed, and distance while you run/walk/bike, etc!

You can then save your data and have it sent to your online MapMyRun account, and so begin further documenting your progress! Though the application isn't entirely accurate--after all, it's an iPhone being tracked by GPS--it is a fun way to (kind of) keep track!

In other Holly news: I have gotten madly into trail mix, all kinds. Sweet and spicy with cayenne pepper, decadent with dark chocolate, super crunchy with soy nuts.

Especially on days when I don't have time to get a real lunch/dinner during work, trail mix has been my nutty savior. Full of protein and good fats and berries, oh my! I recommend trail mix to those of you who feel too busy to pack real lunches during the work day or need a quick treat to beat hunger.

Call it scroggin, gorp, or "hippie stuff"--just have an open mind, and try your own variations :) It's really quite delightful!

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