Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Holly Potter and the Week of Off-Trackness

My goodness, I have been a bad dobby with my posts lately!

After receiving an email from my sister today ("New post! New post! New post!"), I had the feeling that I should probably update this blog. After all, I did promise an entry about snobby runners.

Sadly, though, you won't get to see that entry until tomorrow, after my run.

I know, I know: you were all waiting with great anticipation for it, but you'll have to wait a few hours more!

Tonight's brief entry is just that: brief.

It's been a pretty tough week for me, so I made an executive decision and skipped two days of running. The result? My hip feels worlds better and I have a renewed sense of determination (since now, I really have to step things up).

The joint is still a bit achy and one of my eye's has been freaking out (unrelated to training) and I have never been more tired, but it's all good my friends, because I am getting this runaway train back on the tracks tomorrow!

So, choo choo, gentle readers. Choo choo, and good night--I'll see you bright and shiny tomorrow morning!

Bring it on.

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