Friday, September 11, 2009

Proper Attire

I forgot to mention, that, in addition to officially registering yesterday, I also got some fancy new running attire! Ooh, ahh!

On the recommendation of my sister (who used to live in the city), I headed to Paragon Sports, hoping to find magic shoes that run for you--these, apparently, do not exist.

Instead (feeling wholly out of my element), I found a helpful gentleman to whom I declared, "I'm not a runner. I'm running a marathon. And I have flat feet." Within a few minutes, he had brought me 3 boxes. The New Balances were too spacious. The Brooks squinched my toes. But, the Asics were just right. Aren't they pretty?

I also picked up running essentials: shorts, sports bra, spandex monstrosities.

It's almost like how you buy baby clothes that the kid will grow into; except, I'm buying clothes that will become less scary-looking on me the more I train.

Regardless of spandex issues, I am very pleased with my new shoes--they are comfortable and support my arch-less feet, and even though they're not magic, I think they'll work out wonderfully.

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