Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Little More Explanation

It is not something I ever had a craving to do, running a marathon.

My sister is the runner--for fun, for health. She ran in the first New York Half Marathon, and is really good at it (when she has the time). When it comes to working out, it's usually like pulling teeth for me, until I get to the gym. Then I like it. But even so, I am not a runner.

I'm a let's-try-the-elliptical-for-a-bit-before-I-poop-out-and-go-home-er.
It's a rare breed.

Anyway, today I was browsing and planning fake-cations (as one is wont to do when bored on her day off) and chatting with my sister. The subject of the Marathon came up, and (for some unknown reason) I thought it would be fun if my sister and I could run it at some point. She figured out the logistics of whether or not a person could train up for a marathon in four (four!) months. Apparently, "at some point" translates into "as soon as humanly possible."

This was all just talk and fun until we realized how very serious we were about doing this. So now, we will be training in two different cities for four months to run 26.2 miles.

And this all starts tomorrow.

Which is why I got fast food delivered tonight--my goodbye milkshake was delicious.

I wonder if it's bad to order a second.

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