Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fighting the Mental Battle

Lucky me, I had a day off of work today!

Now, while I still have yet to go to the gym today, I have options: I can go to the gym later, take a walk around the neighborhood, do pilates in the apartment, etc. I can even use my Bollywood Dance Workout DVD. Yes, you read that correctly.

I could also stretch like crazy, finish cleaning my room, and do a little mental-marathon training; in fact, that's most likely what I'll do!

The thing that's really keeping me going (from the mental perspective) is reminding myself of why the Disney Marathon conversation even came up in the first place. I wanted to go to Walt Disney World. Again.

I spent a good portion of last spring and summer auditioning down in Orlando; I drove a few times, flew most, and got very used to Florida sunshine. I have a ridiculous amount of knowledge regarding the parks and love reading Birnbaum's Guides to WDW for kicks. I watch Disney Vacation Guide DVD's with the same reverence as if they were Oscar-winning films.

All of that? My motivation.

I mean, yes, I want to lose weight and get in better shape and accomplish this amazing goal of finishing a marathon.

But, I really, really want to go to Disney World again.

So I'm going to keep watching my Vacation DVD's and reading my Birnbaum's and researching online about which restaurants have the best desserts (all of them). And each time I get up to go to the gym or to run outside, I'm going to picture the castle and the mouse and the magic.

Mickey-vation. Mouse-spiration. Whatever the name, it's working.

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