Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fancy Machines with Buttons

If you're not a big fan of going to the gym or just haven't been in awhile, your reconnecting with them can be a little intimidating.

I mean, time travelers could mistake it for an ancient torture dungeon, what with the pulleys and weights and executioner-type trainers walking around.

And the machines by themselves? Treadmill, elliptical, gazelle--buttons and foot things that I just attempt to figure out on my own; but, I finally figured out the one button I've really been looking for! The button on the treadmill that tells you how many minutes per mile you are moving, ie. the PACING button!

I now know that (for my gym's treadmills) level 4.0 means a 15 minute mile (Disney requires that you be able to finish the marathon at no slower than a 16 minute mile pace). If the slowest I ever power walk is at a 4.0, I'll build up the muscle memory to where that is a comfortable and memorized pace--but it will also keep me in the marathon, should I need to walk portions of it.

This button-knowledge will also allow me to run and create muscle memory for a specific pace, say a 9:30 or 10 minute mile. My sister says it will probably be easier for me to train since I am starting from scratch; my body doesn't know what pace is comfortable yet.

I am hoping (as the official training start date grows nearer) that all this knowledge and pacing will help me as much as possible, because at this point, I still need it! Nevertheless, I will continue making my daily trek to my modern day torture dungeon and pressing all the buttons I can find.

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