Monday, January 17, 2011

A Non-Cannonball Interlude

I'm almost done with book numero trois, and so the review will be up tomorrow. Until then, however, I hereby deliver some mental tidbits to tide you over--oh, the suspense!

1) I have started knitting again--a craft I haven't partaken of since high school. I never completed anything, so this time around I'm super determined. As of now, I have the beginnings of a lumpy purple scarf! Ah, lumpy purple scarves: this year's runway trend.

2) I adore "The Big Bang Theory." No, I would not say it's the best sitcom ever created, but I am perpetually delighted by it's clever words and characters. It makes me snort. Jim Parsons (and congrats to him on his Golden Globe win last night), in particular, is both ridiculous and sweet. Go ahead, take a look!

3) Here's a random hint about the current book I'm reading: Kevin Costner.

Yup. Ponder that one.

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