Saturday, January 9, 2010

10 Hours and Counting,,,

Yup, folks, it's almost time for the Disney Marathon!

It's about 8:00 PM here in Orlando, and freezing cold to boot--tomorrow's race is going to start with temperatures in the 20's. Brrr!

My sister and I are about to go to sleep, since we'll be waking up at 3:00 AM so we can begin transportation before 4:00 AM. There's a whole lot of confusing bus transfers and extra walking before you get to the actual start of the race, but we'll be surrounded by 24,000 people all hanging around for the same reason as us :) If that's not a bonding experience, I don't know what is.

Due to the unusually cold weather, there will be a lot of extra layers worn, including trash bags at the very start! Yes, Hefty bags and the like serve as excellent windbreakers and are an easy extra layer to ditch when the marathon begins. There will, in fact, be many layers of clothing tossed to the side during the race; Disney collects these sweatshirts, track pants, and the like and donates them to charity (an excellent decision on their part).

I'll make another post (albeit a brief one) tomorrow morning before the race, and most certainly one after :) It's going to be insane, and I'm going to capture as much of it as possible on camera and (if I'm really crazy) with the occasional Tweet-like posting. We'll see how likely that is...

No matter how it ends tomorrow, I know it's going to start out beautifully and be extremely fun the whole way through, so keep the 24,000 of us, especially my sister and me in your thoughts!

As the Mouse said, "Ho, Boy!"

Game on.

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