Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Am Carnivore. Rawr!

If I were a dinosaur, I would definitely be a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I mean, aside from being the coolest dinosaur ever, the T-Rex ate a lot of meat.
And I like burgers.
See? Total connection.

However, despite my T-Rex tendencies, I enjoy veggie sausage, turkey burgers, and soy milk. I have had delicious vegan cookies and amazing vegetarian lasagna. Being the foodie that I am, I enjoy both the Boca and the Burger!

I bring up this subject because my sister is, in fact, a vegan. More specifically, a "90% vegan." She hasn't always been vegan, hasn't always been vegetarian, but this is how she lives now, and I am very proud of her for it! She has made me some incredible vegan pumpkin-oatmeal cookies that rival any that have eggs in 'em.

Anywho: I bring this up because, while I keep mentioning the turkey legs and magical bacon that exist in Disney World, it's important to know about the vegetarian and vegan options available, too.

Walt Disney World may have fantastic hot dogs, but there are also great salads and veggie burgers available at the quick-service restaurants, and almost all table-service locations have vegetarian (if not vegan) options on the menus. Fresh fruit, vegetables, and vegan baked goods are also commonly available at food stands throughout the parks.

One of the most amazing things about Disney is their ability to not just accommodate, but to go above and beyond the dietary needs of their guests. By calling the WDW Dine phone line, you can give advance notice of the dietary requirements of your party--be it vegan, vegetarian, kosher, gluten-free, etc.

Once you let the restaurants and chefs of Disney know about your dietary needs, that's where the fun begins! Disney's chefs are able to make some truly remarkable vegan dishes, and better than me attempting to describe them, I suggest you check out this blog: Vegan Satori.

My sister, of course, was the one to point me towards this particular entry, describing the author's wonderful experiences eating vegan in Walt Disney World. The meals actually sound quite tempting, and I may even give them a shot!

After I enjoy a dozen corn dog nuggets at Casey's Corner, of course.

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